Chapter 1... The Basics

Hold the Jew's harp as it can be seen in the picture and disclose the vibrating tongue.

Hold the instrument like this

Press the narrowing part of the frame to the partly open set of teeth and pluck the spring inwards or outwards quite naturally.
You can control the pitch and tonality of the sound framed this way, by means of your tongue-movements. The instrument gives more intensive sounds if you breathe gently the vibrating tongue during plucking.
The gap between the spring and the frame is adjusted very accurately to achieve a precise & clear sound. It might produce a clanging noise when you use it for the first time.

To avoid this noise:

1. Avoid pressing the frame together. The pressure should be directed towards your teeth.
2. Don't press the frame together with your lips.
3. Pluck the instrument horizontally only, i.e. forwards or backwards. The direction of plucking is never vertically, i.e. upwards or downwards.

Wipe the instrument after usage.
Practised in front of a mirror can be learnt is some minutes time.


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